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We met over 8 years ago at church as Shaun was walking in and I was walking out. The few words exchanged sparked an interst that kept Shaun coming back. When we FINALLY began dating 4 years later we soon knew there was something special here. Our first year quickly flew by and we both decided we never wanted to spend another year with anyone else or without each other. We married in the place where it all began on January 1, 2011 (1/1/11) and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Ava Marie on September 22, 2011 our next little one, Clara Rose came 16 months later on February 11, 2013. This blog began with our preparation with our wedding and has entered into recording the days and events of our newlywed life and new motherhood.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

One month... in pictures!

For those of you who have been craving pictures... THIS is the post for you.  There are a ton of them and I've been too busy to post, but not to busy to snap photos. 

Little Miss Clara Rose turned ONE month old today!  Seriously... where has the last month gone??? 

About Clara:  She is such a sweet sweet baby and her sister is crazy about her.  A few things I just love about Clara Rose.  She sings in her sleep.  Has done it since the day she was born.  Sounds a bit like the lullabies she heard over and over and over again when she was in my womb and I rocked and rocked Ava to sleep.  She's all about the noises.  She either snorts like a piggy or naa-naaa's like a little goat or coo's or "talks" a LOT ...and I love all her little sounds.  She either sings when she's sleeping or makes this little humming noise.  She is very alert.  She loves to eat.  She smiles so often (not just when she's sleeping or pooping) and usually when she hears Mommy's voice.  BIG responsive smiles for Mommy (and this makes the lack of sleep worth it when I'm up all night to that smiley face)!  She's smiled since the day she was born big big grins (though I usually don't capture them on camera).  She loves to be held... ALL the time.  I can't really put her down much because Ava likes to be wherever she is and doesn't know that she's too small to crawl on top of her... (and Ava is now able to climb up to wherever she is).  She's a night owl.  She loves to nurse... ALL the time.  Especially between the hours of say... 8pm-4am ...and most of the day.

We went to Mass last night and the priest who met her for the first time said, "Oh, this is the new one?  Is she a good sleeper?" to which Shaun quickly replied "She's a great sleeper!  Sleeps all day... up all night!" 

She really is a sweetie pie and doesn't seem much like a newborn (probably because of her size).  Although I'm tired, I really don't mind the sleepless nights too much because I know this time will pass much too quickly and before I know it she'll be like her sister! 

She'll be waking up soon from her short nap and since she's giving me a very RARE moment of sleeping in one of her seats instead of my arms (and Ava is actually refraining from crawling on top of her... for now)...

 I'll post this past month in pictures.  LOTS of pictures. 

(Click on the photo and to view larger and then just click on the right side of the picture to scroll through them.)
Last photo of Clara "inside"...

Kiss to the Big Sister on the way to the hospital!

Here she is!

All 10lbs 3.9oz of her!

BEST labor coach ever!

A tired and happy Mommy thinking (didn't I just give birth to this same baby 16mo ago?)!

Daddy's girls!

A natural childbirth means a Mommy who's up and around righ away!

Thanks for the balloon "Auntie Colleen!"

we love visitors!

My support group!

Overachiever.  Passed her 1st test with flying colors!

Uncle Bob!

Baby feet!

Holding Mommy's finger.

Momma's girls

my favorite people

Skin on skin

I love this man.

Nana... what would I have done without you?

1st bath... and Shampoo!

Oh... there ARE curls!

Those are the Baby's feet, Ava!

Kisses for her sister

1st day of Lent.. Headed home with my Ashes!

Finally home!

Meeting Grama!

Ava's new sock monkey!

Meeting Mark

My new home... the couch!

A tired Daddy

The BEST big sister!

"Want my teether?"

Here.  Take it.  This one's my FAVORITE!

Hands FULL... of blessings!

THE reason I haven't been blogging
(that... and the fact that our computer chair isn't the most comfortable thing after delivery)

Meeting Auntie Louise & Uncle Dave!

The reason I'll always love the name, Bob!

Meeting Miss Jocelyn!

...and Caroleann

Ava's trying out the great blanket from Sarah! (YOU are so sweet!)

The reason I can't put her down...

Meeting Katie & Tom!

Play time with Daddy!

Peaceful sleep!


Big shoes to fill!


Meeting Anneliese

Meeting MaryKate!

Getting used to her soon to be new bed!

Her reading nook!

My Big girl

Sister love

Meeting Rachel

Baptismal gown photo shoot!

 Piles of Plastic!

Ever protective of Clara...

Ava helping Mommy do laundry...

Nana: "I love you, Ava!"

Ava: "And I love YOU, Nana!"!

 Safe in Daddy's hands...

A sleepy smile...

...and before you know it... One month has flown by!



  1. So excited to see a post by you! I totally see your husband in her in a few of those!

    1. I've missed it Allison. He definitely has strong genes, but no complaints here because he makes beautiful girls!

  2. I don't think you posted enough pictures ;-) she is so cute, and Xander is screaming "ava, ava!" Over my shoulder!

    1. Funny Colleen ;) That Xander, I love him. I said to Ava, "Can you say Xander?" ...and she said, "Poopie!" ...we'll work on that!

  3. She is beautiful, Marijanna...thank you for sharing your precious family with us! Enjoy this special time!
    Oh and I came over from Colleen's : )

    1. Oh Billie Jo! Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I am enjoying it. Love these babies. Colleen's great isn't she?

  4. Wow, great pictures! She has so much hair, I love it! She is adorable!!

    And on the side...your Nana is a beautiful woman! She could be a "Dove" model! (I noticed a lot of older women in those commercials, showing how they age beautifully and gracefully. :-) )

    I love that crucifix in the backround...

    I do our laundry the same way! Separated into piles, hang them on the back of the couch to be put away for later. :-) Isn't that what couches are for??

    Great pictures, your daughters are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Becky. Tons of hair, right?

      Oh, my mom, she is so beautiful! She doesn't even realize.

      Shaun got that crucifix before we were married and we love it too.

      You're so funny about the laundry. I try. Those may just be coats I threw up there to get out of the way, though. Works for us, though.

      Thanks again!

  5. Pictures, pictures, glorious pictures!!! YAY!! For real. The beauty that bursts at your home. I am in awe!! Your hands are very full of blessings, indeed. How is it that Miss Ava suddenly grew up?? She looks so much older all of the sudden. I bet she is an awesome big sister and helper, if not overly so. I am so glad that you posted because I've been thinking about you, but knowing where I was a year ago I could SO understand. Enjoy every minute and know that I'm sending love from here.
    Enjoyed the photos with the blanket. The least I could do since I am nowhere near close enough to cuddle with Clara. :)

    1. Oh Miss Sarah! I posted them for you. YOU'RE in awe? Dont you mean the messiness? YOUR home is filled with the same beauty. Though I admit... I do feel richly blessed. Richly.

      Ava... oh my gosh. We feel the same way. It's CRAaaazy! She's such a great big sis. Needs some redirection to remember she's little at times, but definitely is super protective and just LOVES Clara.

      Tonight we went to Mass and she (Ava) was being quite noisy, so I got ready to head to the back of the church. I took Clara out of her carseat and put her into the Moby wrap I was wearing while Ava stomped nearby on the pew and sang out LOUD. She turned around to check on her sister (no longer in the carseat) and started pointing and shouting, "Baby! Baby? BABY??? BAaaaaBYYYYY!!!" Until she realized I had her in the wrap. Boy was she worried that somehow I'd lost her in the middle of Mass!

      I'm so glad you understand where we are right now... but I miss my "blog friends" Thanks for the love.

      We love the blanket. It's like a great big hug from you all the way over here and was such a sweet sweet surprise. When I told Colleen she smiled and said, "See! that's why she's my best bloggy friend. I looove Sarah" too ;)

  6. Marijanna, your kids are so, so precious. I can't get over the hair. I love little Clara Rose's name. Our baby is an Elsa Rose, so I'm especially fond of Rose as the middle name. (Is Ava's middle name Marie? My older girls also have that middle name).
    Anyway, Clara totally looks like a 2 month old to me..NOT a newborn. She is just so big and cute and adorable. And, I'm jealous of the hair. Greta (my now 8-yo) didn't even have that much hair when she was 2!

    Enjoy all the newborn snuggles!

    1. Thanks Amelia. I love Elsa's name as well. Your childrens names were chosen with such love and care. Ava Marie, yup!

      I think the same thing about Clara. Totally doesn't look (or act) like a newborn!

    2. Oh... and don't worry about the hair. Shaun's daughter Cheyanne was bald and she now has the most beautiful head of THICK blonde hair!

  7. So, so beautiful -- the girls, you, your family, all of it! Just beautiful. :)

    1. Aimee! I've been wondering hoow you are and how things are in your world. I held off on reading your "birth story" as a sort of "punishment/reward" for when I get to writing mine. How weird is that? I won't let myself finally read yours... till I write mine. Which means I hopefully will be done soon as I've been really wanting to read Septimus' tale. Thanks for the compliments. I'm truly truly blessed... shows good things come to those who wait.


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