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We met over 8 years ago at church as Shaun was walking in and I was walking out. The few words exchanged sparked an interst that kept Shaun coming back. When we FINALLY began dating 4 years later we soon knew there was something special here. Our first year quickly flew by and we both decided we never wanted to spend another year with anyone else or without each other. We married in the place where it all began on January 1, 2011 (1/1/11) and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Ava Marie on September 22, 2011 our next little one, Clara Rose came 16 months later on February 11, 2013. This blog began with our preparation with our wedding and has entered into recording the days and events of our newlywed life and new motherhood.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Did you see this?

Heartbreaking... whether the rule has been in place for the last two Olympics games or not, there was something about this that just brought tears to my eyes.

And with this... Poor Ryan.  The success of the previous day was short lived.  All I could think of is Heidi Klum saying "one day your in and the next... you're out"

...what are YOUR thoughts???

First time at the beach!

After being very busy and Shaun working SO much lately, it was wonderful to have some relaxing and spontaneous family time. 

We had a fantastic weekend with Cheyanne and her friend Olivia, which included a beach afternoon yesterday. 

*sigh* to be a teenager again... what I took for granted. 

Cheyanne, Olivia and Shaun had a BLAST body surfing and playing in the waves...

While I stayed upon dry land and watched as Ava was trying to figure out how she felt about her first time at the beach. 

She would be ok...

then a wave would come...

and she would yell at it "Na Na Na Naaaaa!"

...but she was so cute while yelling! 

 (though I'm as self concious as the next person about wearing a bathing suit while pregnant... especially around teenage girls in perfect shape... I didn't want to miss the opportunity to have some pics with my girl on her first beach day)

I REALLY loved watching Shaun have "Father/Daughter time" as I know it's his favorite thing and those moments are so precious.  Growing up without a Father, it's so amazing for me just to watch. 

I mean seriously... anytime your teenage daughter is having THIS much fun spending time with you... that's just priceless.

I love living so close to the ocean...  Hope your weekend was blessed and full of laughter and family!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Visit from family

My Auntie Leone, Uncle Ed & their son Eddy came to visit recently and brought a gift for Ava... she was VERY excited!

Thanks for visiting everyone!  We had a great time.  Come back again soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

12 Weeks today!

Quick-y post as Ava's "on the move" as I type...

Today I find myself 12 weeks along with baby number TWO and feeling really good so far.  (Whenever I don't feel so good, I figure I can't complain, because it's not all the time, like some women get... ok, most women)

I went to my awesome midwife this morning after waking up late with an astoundingly sound asleep baby and mild panic that I'd missed said appointment... but I hadn't... it was in an hour... and takes a half hour to get there... PLENTY of time to bathe both me and baby (seperately) and get us presentably ready before rushing out.

I was 5 min late.

Anyhow, Ava & I headed in and I realized how much more at peace I was with this pregnancy knowing that I was in such good hands.  I really LOVE Louise!  She's THE best!

Seems everything's great, blood pressure, bloodwork, lab work, etc... and then came the heartbeat.

Ava sat on my chest and looked down as we listened to the strong steady bumpa bump of her new little brother or sister.  *sigh* what a relief.  It's nice when you dont' always "feel" really pregnant, to know that everything's ok.

Say a little prayer that all continues to go well and this pregnancy is even better than the last one with a healthy little cherub at the end!  Thanks everyone!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Around the water hole...

The birds were enjoying the sprinkler "raining" on them in our backyard and having their own little "pool party" in the birdbath...