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We met over 8 years ago at church as Shaun was walking in and I was walking out. The few words exchanged sparked an interst that kept Shaun coming back. When we FINALLY began dating 4 years later we soon knew there was something special here. Our first year quickly flew by and we both decided we never wanted to spend another year with anyone else or without each other. We married in the place where it all began on January 1, 2011 (1/1/11) and gave birth to our beautiful daughter Ava Marie on September 22, 2011 our next little one, Clara Rose came 16 months later on February 11, 2013. This blog began with our preparation with our wedding and has entered into recording the days and events of our newlywed life and new motherhood.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ok, if you think I panicked THEN!?

Imagine NOW... look over at that little number to the right of the screen.  LOOK at it! 

No.  Don't blink. 
Don't rub your eyes.
That's what it says...

ELEVEN days and counting!  Doesn't it feel like I  just wrote 18?  Yet, that's how fast she's approaching.  Like a train at warp speed!

And are we excited?  Why... yes we are.  Are we ready... uh... I guess... ready as we'll ever be.

Carseats-installed (check).  Thank you to my friend Carolyn who came over and installed them personally at my house into both my and Nana's car.  Ava loves her new one.

Diapers bought? (check)  Picked em' up grocery shopping and they're all neatly put away under the new changing table (as opposed to strewn everywhere as they soon will be)

"Little" baby clothes up from the basement (check).  Up, clean, folded and put away in new containers for our bundle to arrive.  Cannot believe Ava wore those teeny things like... uh, yesterday.

Look before I take my vitamins?  (double-check) No more mishaps lately.

Miss Ava's taken to crawling up and sitting beside me for much of the day lately and tapping my belly.  When someone asks, "Where's your baby sister?" She quickly (no matter how publicly) pulls up my shirt, exposes my stretch marks (Shaun happily calls them my "beauty marks" *sigh* I got me a good man) and plants a big kisseroo right on my bulge and then tap tap taps her "sister".  She's only interested in looking at everything "baby" lately too.  Kissing her babies.  Reading books about babies.  Playing with boxes that have babies on them.  EVERYthing baby.  We've done our best to get her excited. 

Here's what else is going on.  (Just in case giving birth wasn't enough)

The new house is getting worked on.  So far we've had:

Any exterior rotted wood repaired. 
Had the new roof put on. 
The old back porch has been pulled off and the stairs have been moved to create a new entrance.
New gutters were put on Tuesday. 
About 30 new construction windows are due to arrive any day now and be installed. 
The front porch is due to be repaired and new stairs/entry way will be built most likely this week if the permit comes through.
Also working on making sure the basement is waterproof.

I've also been meeting with plumbers and HV/AC guys to recieve quotes about the new heating system and think heavily about how much money will be going into that massive expense (but how toasty we will be later).

And here at our current house?

I broke the faucet and I've been without a kitchen sink since the week before Christmas... and I was starting to go a little crazy.  Sort of like I'm perpetually "camping" with no running water downstairs.  Running up and down the stairs with an ankle that's finally close to almost all better and a very pregnant body is not "convenient" to say the least.  The blessed plumber came yesterday... thank.the.LORD!  How grateful I am for small favors like a kitchen sink that works.  Happy day!

And it's funny how things work out... I went for a "massage" lately.  (I always feel all spoiled when I say that, but it's honestly a maintenance thing to keep the sciatica away during pregnancy... and actually costs less than a co-pay these days)  My massage therapist and I have become good friends.  She even came to our wedding!  While talking about what's been going on we got on the subject of realtors and she recommended we speak to hers. 

Our house went off the market about 2 months ago after surprisingly NO interest in the six month period it was listed.  In discussing it with Shaun I had said, "Well... we prayed that everything would happen the way it was supposed to and if we're not selling right now, maybe we're not supposed to.  I mean, God could send someone when we least expect it!  He could sell it without it even being on the market."

We have left it off the market and considered our option to refinance again and hang onto it for a little bit, while we slowly work on the other house. 

After I met with my friend/massouse as I was driving to see our architect for new drawings, I recieved a call from her realtor to set up a visit to discuss our options on our current home.  I realized we'd actually met this realtor in the past when we were looking at homes to fix up (they had been selling one we checked out).  Upon speaking with her she mentioned that she actually had a client and they had recently sold his 3 family home (different family members lived on different floors) and he would soon be in need of a home, but had been looking for something "move in ready" in our neighborhood. 

Long story short, he's looking in our price range, in our area for a move in ready home.  Doesn't get much more "move in ready" than a beautiful completely re-done home right HERE.  We'll see what happens, but he's coming this upcoming Monday (in 4 days) to take a peek and see what he thinks. 

That means I have till Monday to get this place from "baby zone" back into "show-ready" condition... (that includes basement and closets.  Here we go with the basement again!)  All with a baby coming any day now... and construction being done at the other house... and Shaun's working all weekend.

That ALSO means, if he IS interested, he's in a time crunch to move and has to be out of his place by the end of February, soooooo we would have a little over a MONTH to pack everything we own, move somewhere and say goodbye to our sweet home. 

ONE month...


With a newborn.  (and you KNOW all I'll want to do is stare at her... and sleep)

And breastfeeding.

And a 16 month old.  (who likes to decorate the house like 16 months do.  Use your imagination)

And a baptism to plan (falling right around OH lemme see ...a MONTH after this sweet one is born). 

And Lent... and then Easter right around the corner. 

NOooo problem.... Piece of cake!

*uh... as much as I like cake... say a little prayer for us, ok?*


  1. Wow, Marijanna, you guys have so much going on!
    Sweet little Ava Marie's new sister will be here soon! You and Shaun will soon have two precious bundles of joy to love and dote on! You are so blessed to be a Mama! You are all in my thoughts and prayers, dear girl! Love ya! Hugs! Miss seeing you guys, but hope to see you sometime soon after the new baby arrives and things calm down for you - maybe when you are in your new home! That would be fun! :) In the meantime, thinking of you and praying for you, the new baby, the house, ect.

    Maria :)

    1. Maria, thank you so much for your prayers, and yes... even in the midst of the crazies we feel incredibly blessed. We were looking forward to seeing you at the last MIM day, but Ava was sick. We'd love to see you sometime soon. Continue to keep us in your prayers and know you'll be in ours! Our love to Ed.

  2. Oh, my gosh!!!! calm down....leave a note for the potential buyer stating you are having a baby any day, and the house will be fine. People look over that kind of thing!!

    Did I tell you that after your new baby is born, about a week or two, you will need to take Ava and do something special with her, like color together, or go for a walk, or go out for ice cream...just you and her, not the baby. keep it short and sweet, just enough time to let her know and feel loved and not forgotten in what will be very life changing for her. I have had to do this for each next older child when a baby is born. I saw it on DR Phil of all places, right after my 2nd baby was born, and it was just in time. You will be able to tell, when she will need that extra attention. Just mommy time. It's not jealousy, it's just different.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up....Keeping you in my prayers-quick delivery!!! Healthy baby and mama!!

    1. LOL... I know, it's a little hectic. I'm actually really trying to "pace" myself and just do a little each day over the next few days.

      Oh Miss Ava... I'm treasuring these last few days of it being "just her and me" so to speak. She's SUCH a good girl and is my little sweetheart. That's good advice, though. I'll make sure to take it.

      Thank you so much for your prayers my dear friend! xo

  3. are making me freak out for you!!! I was good with the baby countdown, but then you threw in the house stuff..aaaahhhhh. Deep breaths. God will see you through. If there's one thing I know, it's that. And friends and family will help you out. I so wish I were closer :( I'll keep sending my prayers and lots of cyber hugs.

    1. Right? *laughing* I'm breathing. Somehow it will all come together and I keep remembering "these are GOOD things". We're actually overflowing with blessings, just a lot to keep track of.

      Thanks for the hugs and prayers (back atcha!)

  4. Wow, you really do have a lot going on! Somehow, it will all work out. When I'm in the midst of craziness in my life, sometimes I wonder "Lord, how are You going to figure this one out?" But he does! He always does!

    I read a lot of excitement in your posts too--I am happy and excited for you. A new house and a new baby--a lot of stress, but so much fun too. I envy you. (In a very holy and religious way of course. :-) )


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